The British Byzantine Postgraduate Network (BBPN) is a newly established research network aimed at better integrating the vibrant community of early-career scholars researching all aspects of the Byzantine world.

The Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies is pleased to support the BBPN and encourages postgraduate students in the UK to become involved. The BBPN is affiliated to the Society but is a separate organisation with its own officers. For further information on BBPN events and activities, please do not contact the SPBS but rather the BBPN representatives listed below.

Core Aims

  1. To bring together current postgraduate students and early-career researchers working in Byzantine studies and intersecting disciplines studying in Britain.
  2. To facilitate inter-institutional collaboration by creating a forum for the informal sharing of research, best practise and problems.
  3. To create a support network for postgraduate students and early-career researchers who may be isolated.
  4. To challenge current academic orthodoxies by promoting new approaches to Byzantine studies.
  5. To organise regular network events (in different locations) in order to facilitate the achievement of the network’s other aims.

Contact Details

For all enquiries, email

For updates, see our Facebook page.

Future Events

Jack of all Trades, Master of None? Interdisciplinary and Cooperative Methodologies for Byzantinists (University of Birmingham, 5 May 2016)

Much has changed in the scholarship of the humanities in recent years, with an emphasis both on interdisciplinary research and the use of new methodologies. When embarking on our own research with Byzantine source material, we can be faced with what seems to be an overwhelming array of sub-methodologies and languages. With so many different avenues of research, each with their own specific difficulties and problems, what is the Byzantinist to do?

In the spirit of the British Byzantine Postgraduate Network this event will create a space where early-career Byzantinists can discuss solutions to this disciplinary dilemma. We will ask how we, as early-career scholars, can challenge the current structures of academia in order to create a more interdisciplinary and collaborative research culture.

The evening will take the form of a series of speakers (please see the poster for details) followed by a round table discussion and wine reception.

Please email Lauren Wainwright with any questions and to reserve a place.

Past Events

Byzantium: Still Surprising in 2015? (University of Oxford, 3 November 2015)

Institutional Representatives

University of Birmingham: Lauren Wainwright

University of Cambridge: Dan Neary

University of Cardiff: Anna-Ulriika Vihervalli

University College, Durham: Stephen Humphries

University of Hull: Sophie Moore

University of Edinburgh: Rossana Valente

University of Lancaster: Adam Simmons

KCL, University of London: Matthew Tanton

University of Manchester: Sihong Lin

University of Nottingham: Maroula Perisanidi

University of Newcastle: Dr Vicky Manolopoulou

University of Oxford: Mirela Ivanova & Hugh Jeffrey

University of Reading: Christopher Lillington-Martin

Royal Holloway, University of London: Elliot Mason

University of Sussex: Ahmet Ari

If your institution is not represented above, please consider volunteering as an institutional representative.